History And Tourist Guide To Iyi Enu Missionary Hospital

History and Background:

Iyi Enu Missionary Hospital, located along the Onitsha Enugu "Trunk A" road in Anambra State, Nigeria, has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1907 by the Church Missionary Society's (CMS) Niger medical mission at Ozalla, Onitsha. This mission aimed to provide healing and care to those in need, reflecting the intersection of faith and healthcare in the region.

Early Beginnings and Development:

The hospital's origins trace back to the late 19th century when Rev. Henry Dobinson and Rev. F. N. Eden raised funds and collected medicines for medical work among the parishioners in and around Onitsha. Dispensary work began in a modest mud building, gradually evolving to better facilities and care. The hospital's development was punctuated by the dedication of individuals like Rev. Dobinson and the arrival of dedicated staff, including nurses like Miss Taylor and Miss Maxwell.

Relocation to Iyi-Enu:

As the demand for healthcare services grew, Iyi Enu Missionary Hospital faced limitations in its capacity and location. In 1907, the hospital was moved to the CMS Mission Compound at Iyi-Enu, about eight kilometers east of Onitsha. The new site allowed for expansion and the establishment of more suitable facilities. Dr. A.E. Druit played a pivotal role in this transition, ensuring the hospital's continuity and growth.

Challenges and Progress:

The early years at Iyi-Enu Hospital were marked by challenges, including the need to adapt old school buildings for hospital use, staff shortages, and limited resources. However, dedicated individuals like Miss Mary Elms, Dr. R.Y. Stones, and Miss K. Beswick, along with a team of Igbo dressers, worked tirelessly to provide medical care and establish foundational programs.

Significant Achievements:

Iyi Enu Missionary Hospital achieved several significant milestones throughout its history:

- Pioneering maternal and child care services, contributing to the well-being of families in the region.

- Playing a vital role in eradicating yaws (Nkwuma) through healthcare interventions.

- Establishing village maternity homes, which evolved into the Niger Diocesan Maternity service (DMS).

- Introducing a traveling-doctor service to reach underserved communities.

- Implementing systematic treatment of leprosy, leading to the establishment of a leprosy settlement at Oji River.

Continued Growth and Excellence:

Over the years, Iyi Enu Hospital continued to evolve and innovate. It became the first hospital in Nigeria to graduate midwives and was among the earliest institutions to offer nurse training. The hospital's commitment to excellence in medical care led to the introduction of modern equipment, specialized services, and continuous building projects.

Legacy and Impact:

As Iyi Enu Missionary Hospital reached its 100-year milestone, its legacy of combining spiritual values with healing care remained strong. The hospital's motto, "to preach and to heal," reflects its enduring commitment to both the physical and spiritual well-being of the community. Despite challenges, the hospital's impact extended beyond its walls, positively affecting the lives of individuals in Eastern Nigeria and neighboring regions.

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